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The next best thing? – Endless Computers

Desktop computers are something you don’t see as much of in remote and unindustrialized areas of the world. And in some places, the mere fact that they have phones and TV’s is considered progress.

According to CNN, Matt Dalio, CEO of Endless Computers, wants to change all of that with the first simplified, robust, and affordable desktop aimed at emerging market consumers. He points out that many homes in remote regions do have HD TVs, but they don’t have desktop computers.

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Phishing Scams – What We Should All Know

At this point, we should all know how to identify a phishing scam. It usually comes in the form of an email (or sometimes a phone call) that seems to be legitimate. The call will request info such as bank account numbers, passwords, or credit card information. It might come in the form of a request to verify banking information from your bank, including a link. Never click on links that you are uncertain about. These are usually links to webpages that have malware. This is used to collect sensitive and personal information.

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Apps To Help You Stay Close to Home

Technology has brought the world closer together. It’s made it smaller. That said, we have access to so much information and the pace of life now, more than ever, moves so fast that it can be difficult to pare down our days to something manageable.  So while we are more informed than ever about world affairs, we might actually feel more disconnected from our immediate families. There are apps aimed at addressing this.

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Suggestions on extending your smartphone battery

But I just charged my phone…that is usually what I say when I realized I have about 5% battery life. How can I use 100% of battery so quickly? With the technological upgrades on smartphones one would wonder what ever happened to the upgrades on battery life. Of course, it’s wise to note that our increased use of apps and software on our phones is certainly a contributing factor.

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Steps to Safeguard your Smartphone

With the recent chatter about hacking into iPhones and / or smartphones, we should each consider if we are taking all the proper precautions to avoid a personal identity disaster. The last thing any of us want is our personal information compromised. There are certain measures we should take to appropriate security.

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Airline Technology to Make Your Travels More Pleasant

Change is a constant; especially in technology. The same can be said for the airline industry. It’s a very competitive industry and airlines look to gain an edge with their technology when possible, and even monetize it to help their bottom line. Introducing Thales' new inflight entertainment system, AVANT. The device is operated by a remote called Avii. It is similar to a smartphone.  

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Hidden gems in your iPhone

We all depend on our phones to get through our days. Our phones house the preferred apps that fulfill the functions we need to be productive, feel good about ourselves, and enjoy passing the time. There is the problem of saturation though; there are so many apps available, that it can be difficult to cull through and find the right ones for you – and some just get completely lost in the shuffle.

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Online Ads - How do they know what I am searching for?

It’s happened to most of us. You do a web search for a particular item and then, in the days and weeks that follow, video pop-up ads for that item appear periodically. Many websites have trackers; their goal is to collect info on your internet searches in order to determine which pop-up ads to direct to you. The tracking can happen across devices as well because most people use the same login on all devices, which is a significant security risk.

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71% of Cyber-Attacks Occur at Businesses Under 100 Employees

A hospital in California recently was held cyber-hostage and had to pay a substantial fee to the cyber-terrorists to have their patient data returned to them. Small businesses, regardless of industry, are being targeted every day; if you aren’t educating yourself with regard to the threats and best practice security protection, you’re putting your business at risk.

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The evolution of the universal remote control

Let’s go back to the early 80’s or maybe even before that. Back then I remember having a wired device that attached to my TV and that is how we changed the channels. We actually had to get up and turn the TV on before doing anything. Today, we can sit comfortably on our couch or recliner and use a variety of remotes to change the TV, control the radio or anything of the like. Let’s face it, we are spoiled.

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